(Part 2) Stashbusting plans for 2016..

(Part 2) Stashbusting plans for 2016..

In this earlier Stashbusting post, I started to go through some of my favourite items in my fabric stash and what I’m planning to do with them this year. I’m aiming to make a lot more than I buy this year, for my ‘carefully curated wardrobe’ which will hopefully end up being stuffed full of clothes that fit me perfectly in terms of my style and personality as well as the physical fit.

So without further ado, here are more of the fabrics that insisted I buy them!

This Safari rayon from Sew Over It (£12/m) is busier than I would normally go for but I think it’ll make for a perfect pop of pattern under a classic black suit. Or tucked into an ivory twill pair of high-waisted wide leg trousers or pencil skirt (see the twill in Part One of this post!) or a pair of white jeans in the summer. I’m tempted to use this either with the Sew Over It Silk Cami pattern or with a slightly boxy, half sleeve, hi-low type pattern. Ooh, or.. A Colette Sorbetto with a contrasting plain black rayon for the pleat?? I have 1.5m and a decision to make.. 

Another busy pattern here on this Ikat viscose from Fabric Godmother (£8/m), so again it’s destined for a blouse for now. I’m tempted to try the Colette Patterns Aster shirt pattern, or the Sew Over It Ultimate Pussy Bow Blouse with the neck tie in a plain black. 

This one’s a jersey knit that I got randomly on eBay thinking that it’s still neutral enough to work with my usual colours if I made a top from it, but having seen it in person I’m actually really tempted to make a fitted, scoop neck, long sleeved dress from it instead! I haven’t sewn knits at all yet so would want to practice a bit first..

But I did also order plain black and plain ivory ponte knits as well so when I graduate to sewing knits they will be ready and waiting for me! Thinking a black wrap dress? Maybe even with some ivory colour blocking?? I must say, I thought that these ponte knits would be heavier than they are, so might need to investigate further to find a knit that’s more the kind of weight I had in mind for a structured knit dress. These feel lovely though so i’ll definitely still make use of them.


My mum brought me this cheerful yellow and green tie-and-dye number from a recent holiday, “for practice fabric” – but I think it’s way too cute to be limited to practice fabric! I’m torn at the moment between making a circle skirt, maxi dress, By Hand London Victoria blazer, or some cropped trousers. Help! I may actually pose this question on Instagram but if you have any thoughts on this (or any of the others that I’m dithering about!) please vote in the comments below! This is one fabric that won’t make it into my working wardrobe so it can be something cute and fun and summery for those precious weekends and days off work!

So there you have it, 10 gorgeous (at least to me!) fabrics and a lot of indecisive blabbering about things I could possibly make with them 🙂 Now all I have to do is eke out some time when the kids are sleeping to actually get on with the making!

Happy sewing!

– Michelle –

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