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Love your choice of fabric for this Tia blouse, @jeanniereed – it looks fab! 😍 French seams were an ideal choice for this sheer fabric, too 👏🏾

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I just had time to take a photo this morning before leaving for work at 9am. This is my second Tia Blouse from Michelle Sews Patterns. This one is in a dobby spot chiffon from Leon’s fabrics Manchester and although they don’t do online shopping they are happy to take an order over the phone. I loved the fabric so much (and at under £3 per metre what’s not to love) that I bought it in mustard, cream, sage green,pink and black (swipe to see the colours they had) It does fray a bit and as it’s fairly sheer I did French seams. Looking at this photo and the last Tia Blouse that I made I think that maybe I should shorten the sleeves a little as they hang over the cuffs a little too much. Looks like I need to make another one then! As suggested by Sew Over 50 I am adding a hashtag with my location to connect with other sewers in the area.
Fabric from @leonsfabrics_mcr
Pattern from @michellesews_patterns #msp_tia

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A quick tip for tidy (and more secure) serger ends: leave a long chain/tail of thread when serging, and then thread that chain onto a needle with a large eye (quilting needles are perfect). Use the needle to thread the chain back through your overlocking stitches (not catching any fabric, you’re just nestling the thread chain between the stitching and the fabric). Once you have an inch or two tucked away, snip off the excess length of the thread chain. That’s it!
(Well, you can also put a drop of Fray Check or similar sealant on the cut end if you’re worried about it working loose. Personally I have yet to see any unravelling, and I don’t do this).
There are other methods to tidy these ends but I quite enjoy taking a few minutes to do this during my projects. Do you have a different favourite method?
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ID: a hand holds the corner of a piece of fabric which has been serged/overlocked along the edges. The thread chain “tail” is threaded onto a needle which is pulling the chain back through the overlocking stitches as described in the caption.

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May I spill some tea? In the last week I’ve received the first batch of my printed patterns – eek! – and soon they’ll be making their way across the country to the first of the Michelle Sews stockists. Double eek! I’m equal parts excited and terrified. Somehow having a physical product in my hands feels like such a big deal! As they say, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’… so that’s what I’m going to try and do. Any other advice for me in pushing through the nerves (especially as a recovering perfectionist 😂)? Thanks in advance, friends! You’re all stars ✨

ID: Michelle (the author) sits in her sewing room and looks into the camera with a nervous smile, hands wrapped around a cup of tea.

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Check out those toucans! Bianca made another lovely Effie dress 😍💃🏾

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Back from my Tuscan get-away and back to the grind (and terrible weather 😭)

While I was gone my dear friend @michellesews_patterns released her newest pattern, the Effie Dress!

I was lucky enough to get to test this pattern a few months ago and have been wearing it on repeat all summer.

This is a wonderful shirtdress with lots of thoughtful details, ( I love the box pleat in the back and the disguised button band!) and a great fit.

I added a cuff to the sleeve, because that’s how I roll but it’s the only adjustment I made.

I used an ex-Marni cotton lawn from @selvedgeandbolts because I love Toucans! I left off the pockets and have big regrets because of it 🤣🤣🤣- pockets are a must!!

The instructions are very detailed and I would love to hack this into a summer blouse next year.

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