Named Isla Trench Coat – Part 2

Named Isla Trench Coat – Part 2

(EDIT: I discovered, in August 2021, that this post has been languishing in my drafts since January. FAIL! Anyway, here it is, for posterity, published many months later!)

My previous post has all the details about the preparation and assembly of the trench coat. So, without further ado, here’s the big reveal!

I love the details … but boy, does this fabric attract lint! Don’t worry, I gave it a good brushing with a lint roller and a clothes brush after this little photoshoot 🙂

So, my final thoughts? Well, even with the mistake I mentioned in my previous post, I am still so pleased with this trench coat, and come spring you will definitely see me wearing it proudly – even if it’s only to walk around my block for my daily exercise. I’d really like to make it again from wool coating, for winter, and I would change a few minor things. I’d go with bound buttonholes instead of regular buttonholes, and make a shorter, buckled belt. I’d probably also either tweak or entirely omit the collar belt as I’m not sure it adds much as is, for me personally. Either way I would most definitely recommend this pattern to experienced sewists, and I’m following #islatrenchcoat on Instagram to stalk all the other versions people post going forwards!

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