Kalle shirtdress

Kalle shirtdress

I know, I know.. I’m seriously late to the Kalle party. As I write this, the #kalleshirtdress hashtag features on over 5000 posts on Instagram. And they all look beautiful!

And yet, somehow, I have shied away from Kalle for the longest time. It’s one of those patterns I find myself looking at from time to time, wondering whether to go for it. My usual silhouette is fairly fitted – I don’t have a lot of oversized garments as I’m always worried about the ‘tent-like sack’ look. And yet I do like the look of perfectly proportioned RTW ‘baggy shirts’. So I gathered my courage and decided to give Kalle a chance, in a vibrant red linen. As you’ve probably guessed, I love it and I’m just kicking myself for not having made one sooner!

The Pattern

The Kalle shirtdress pattern actually packs a lot into one envelope, with three lengths (cropped, tunic and shirtdress), three placket options (hidden, popover and standard button), and two neckline options (standard collar and band collar). Oh, and there’s an extension pack for full sleeves, too!

I made view B, the tunic, with a popover placket and standard collar.


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