Another (not) Silk Cami

Another (not) Silk Cami

I got some unexpected sewing time today since my brother came round to spend time with the boys… I don’t think he’d been here more than five minutes before I handed over Baby Boy and snuck upstairs 🙂

I’m actually half way through making an Aster blouse in ivory crepe but I got stuck setting in the sleeve and decided to distract myself by whipping up another Sew Over It Silk Cami for layering when I go back to work next month.

I had just about enough of the ivory crepe left to do it, but had to shorten the Cami by about 7cm. Still long enough to tuck in so I’m not bothered. I was worried about the crepe looking too plain so decided to jazz it up by adding a wide central pleat and a scrap of black lace trim that I’d ordered in one of my online shopping sprees without a clear idea what I would do with it.

On the whole though, I think it turned out well! Cheesy picture below, I still have some understitching, pressing and the hem to do but Baby Boy was waking up and my brother had left so thought I’d just squeeze in a quick as-is shot! It ticks in more nicely than this picture suggests lol. Excuse the lack of makeup and bags under my eyes. I’m also not entirely thrilled about the facing showing through, maybe the fabric was too light for this? Ah well, by the time it’s under a jacket/cardi it won’t be noticeable!

sew over it silk cami

– Michelle – 

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