An update on the shop

An update on the shop

I'd like to thank all of the lovely customers, supporters and friends of Michelle Sews. You have been a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration since I first decided to brave putting my own sewing patterns into the world, and as this little brand has grown over the last few years. Your interest, encouragement, purchases and lovely interaction on the website, via email and on Instagram have really meant the world to me.

But the time has come to close up shop for Michelle Sews. Whilst I don't share a lot of my personal life online, various things have come together which mean that I will not be able to give Michelle Sews the time and attention that it deserves. I have felt guilty for some time now that I haven't been able to be consistent and present for the brand, and unfortunately there really isn't anyone else behind the scenes. I am one to want to give my all to the things I decide to turn my hand to, and to them to the very best of my ability, and at this time, I do not have the bandwidth to do that for Michelle Sews alongside the other core things in my life, first and foremost of which is always my family. 

On one level that is sad, for me, but I'm so glad for the experience I've had running Michelle Sews and the connections I've made with all of you. And I am proud of what I've been able to do in this space. 

I look forward at some point to carving out a little sewing time for myself again and maybe dusting off the blog at that point and getting back into the joys of the sewing community. 

There's a closing down discount on all physical items on the website, and the shop will remain open online until midnight on 31 March. Likewise, enrolment for the Charlie Jacket Course will close on 31 March (but anyone who has enrolled by midnight on that date will still be able to access the course content after enrolment closes).

Again, a HUGE thank you for all your support over the years. And until next time.. happy sewing!

x Michelle

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