Tia Blouse – Pattern hacks

The great thing about a basic woven tee is that it can be a starting point for all manner of pattern hacks. Looking for inspiration? See below for some quick and simple ideas. Let us know in the comments if you think a more detailed tutorial would be helpful!

Get your Tia pattern here

Remove the neckline opening

  • Measure the circumference of your head so you know how big your opening needs to be!
  • Draw in your seam allowances on the pattern piece as shown in black – you only need to do the neckline and shoulder seam but we’ve shown the seam allowances all around.
  • Draw a wider neckline opening on your Front, Back, Front Facing and Back Facing pieces, as shown in red. Measure the red line on the Front and Back Pieces, multiply it by two and make sure that it is greater than your head circumference. Adjust if necessary.
  • Add seam allowance around the red line, as shown in green.
  • Proceed to construct your Tia as per the instructions, but ignore the slash line instructions completely.

Lengthen Tia to a dress

  • Decide how long you want your dress to be and measure the required waist-to-hem length.
  • Draw vertical lines from the waist down to the required length. For example, if for example your waist-to-knee measurement is 24″ and you want to make a knee length Tia dress, draw your lines down 24″.
  • Decide whether you want to ‘peg’ the side seam as shown in the diagram – you can draw the side seam in at the hem by 1-2″/2.5-5cm rather than drafting it straight down from the waist as shown by the vertical red lines.
  • The Tia blouse has a narrow hem, turned up 1/4″ / 6mm, twice. You might like a deeper hem on your dress, and if so you can add a deeper hem allowance to the pattern pieces at this point.
  • Depending on how long you make your dress, you might want to incorporate a slit at the hem, either at the centre back or on each side seam, for ease when walking.

Change the cuffs on View B to an elasticated sleeve opening

This one’s super-simple: Set aside your Cuff pattern pieces and ignore the slash line on the Puff Sleeve pattern piece.

Finish the raw hem edge of the sleeve, and sew the underarm seam. Turn up a hem slightly wider than your elastic (e.g. a 3/4″/2cm hem for a 1/2″/1.2cm elastic) and stitch the hem, leaving a small opening through which you can thread the elastic on a safety bin or bodkin. Then carefully stitch the opening closed once your elastic is in place.

You can also experiment with adjusting the length of the puff sleeve for this elasticated sleeve version.