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Let your wardrobe be your guide

Have you ever come to draft something, or hack a pattern, and realised you have no idea what size a part of the garment should be? Like, how long should a shirt placket be? How wide should a collar be? What’s a “standard” waistband width? The beauty of sewing is that “standard sizes” go out of the window, as it’s all a matter of personal preference. That’s why, in moments like these, I look to my wardrobe for guidance.

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Tips: Use a thread colour chart

If, like me, you do a lot of your fabric shopping online, you may find yourself lacking a suitable colour of thread to match a particular fabric. One of the advantages of bricks-and-mortar fabric shopping is being able to choose a matching thread, zip and lining in one trip, if you have access to a nearby haberdashery! Whilst a lot of the online retailers who have haberdashery departments will offer a thread matching service, one tip I’d like to share is to find yourself a thread colour chart for your favourite thread suppliers, if possible. Continue reading Tips: Use a thread colour chart