(Part 2) Stashbusting plans for 2016..

In this earlier Stashbusting post, I started to go through some of my favourite items in my fabric stash and what I’m planning to do with them this year. I’m aiming to make a lot more than I buy this year, for my ‘carefully curated wardrobe’ which will hopefully end up being stuffed full of clothes that fit me perfectly in terms of my style and personality as well as the physical fit.

So without further ado, here are more of the fabrics that insisted I buy them!
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Stashbusting! Planning my 2016 wardrobe essentials.. (Part one)


I’ve been in a frenzy of sewing-related shopping activity since I decided to start sewing a couple of months ago. I’ve bought patterns, tools, books, online courses, and fabric.. Lots of fabric. I’m hooked!
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