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The Dressmakers’ Ball dress


Thought I’d share a quick post on my dress for the inaugural Dressmakers’ Ball which was held last month in Leicester. This was an event at which the idea is for dressmakers of all abilities to be able to make themselves a fancy dress and spend a nice evening at a dinner dance with other sewcialists, admiring everyone’s makes. It was a really good night.

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Work in progress: Red Betty!

I should start this post by saying that I’ve never owned a red ‘work’ dress before. I consider my office style to be pretty conservative, so my wardrobe is full of black and grey clothing with the odd bit of mustard yellow or lighter blues and greys for when I’m feeling particularly colourful!

However, I was in the fabric shop the other day when I came across this burgundy suiting fabric and for some reason I decided to take it home (after paying, of course) and make a work dress from it. I had seen Sew Over It’s new add-on pack for the Betty dress which included a v-neck bodice that looked rather cute, so I figured I’d try and put that bodice onto a high-waisted pencil skirt pattern and see what happened!

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