Useful articles

I thought I’d start saving the links to useful articles in one place, and where better than here where you can see them too! Usually I’ll just jot down the key/new things I’ve learned from articles like these, in my sewing notebook, but some of these also include great videos and photos that it would be nice to come back to in future. Plus having the links here will save me having to search for those articles again!

So expect to see this build out over time..!


Collar Stand Construction for Jackets – Threads Magazine


Threads Magazine: A couture method for sewing darts – Claire Schaeffer


Threads Magazine: The Secret to Couture Gathering – Susan Khaljie


Threads Magazine: Sew a baby hem (by machine)


Threads Magazine: Underlining Basics – Daryl Lancaster

Threads Magazine: How to Underline Garments – Susan Khaljie