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Fusible interfacing: testing and tips

I have found in the last 18 months or so (read: Covid pandemic!) that my sewing time has become more limited and, consequently, more precious. I’m not sewing as often, so I end up deliberating for days over what to sew next, determined that it should be 100% the right project and the right outcome. When I finally sit down to make something I want to achieve the best fit and finish that I can, so I’ve really been taking my time to do things that contribute to that outcome. I make toiles, I use swatches, and in this post I’m discussing something else that can make all the difference – fusible interfacing!

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Let your wardrobe be your guide

Have you ever come to draft something, or hack a pattern, and realised you have no idea what size a part of the garment should be? Like, how long should a shirt placket be? How wide should a collar be? What’s a “standard” waistband width? The beauty of sewing is that “standard sizes” go out of the window, as it’s all a matter of personal preference. That’s why, in moments like these, I look to my wardrobe for guidance.

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Tips: Use a thread colour chart

If, like me, you do a lot of your fabric shopping online, you may find yourself lacking a suitable colour of thread to match a particular fabric. One of the advantages of bricks-and-mortar fabric shopping is being able to choose a matching thread, zip and lining in one trip, if you have access to a nearby haberdashery! Whilst a lot of the online retailers who have haberdashery departments will offer a thread matching service, one tip I’d like to share is to find yourself a thread colour chart for your favourite thread suppliers, if possible. Continue reading Tips: Use a thread colour chart

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How to: Sew a Petersham waistband facing

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Petersham ribbon (not to be confused with Grosgrain ribbon, although it looks similar) is a strong corded ribbon with a tiny scalloped edge. It has many uses, but the one we’re going to look at is how to use it as a facing for a waist seam, so that you don’t need to use a waistband.

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Reusable cotton pads

The end of one year and the start of the next is always a time for reflection and contemplation. Like many people’s, my main resolution for 2020 is to make changes to my lifestyle in order to be more thoughtful about my (and my family’s) diet, health, and impact on the environment.

I think I first came across the idea of making reusable cotton pads while looking for DIY Christmas gift ideas. Ultimately, I didn’t actually make any Christmas gifts, as we eventually decided to hold a family Secret Santa exchange this year which meant that, apart from my husband’s gift, I only had to get one other adult a gift. My Secret Santa recipient had indicated that they’d love to receive a particular item, so I bought that for them instead.

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