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Muslins: measure twice, cut once?

The main reason I have taken up sewing is a deep-seated (pardon the pun) desire to have clothes actually fit me. And trousers are at the top of the list! Before I started sewing, I would have said trousers don’t fit me because my hips are proportionally bigger than my waist, so by the time I’ve gone up to a size that I can get past my hips, the waist has huge gaping expanses that don’t exactly scream “elegance”. This is probably the main reason my personal style for work wear has always been shift dresses, with a few skirts sewn in. Well, not anymore…!

I have been working on a muslin for the Clover trouser pattern by Colette Patterns. I liked the look of this pattern because I’ve always been drawn to the idea of a slim fitting, high waisted, cropped trouser. I wanted mine to sit quite long though rather than above the ankle. I was intrigued that the pattern is a beginner pattern, as I’d assumed that trousers would be for the super advanced seamstress, but it really is a simple sew.. The difficulty is in the fitting, and helpfully Colette Patterns had published a sewalong for Clover, which focused on fitting issues and had a lot of great info on troubleshooting your fit.

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Another (not) Silk Cami

I got some unexpected sewing time today since my brother came round to spend time with the boys… I don’t think he’d been here more than five minutes before I handed over Baby Boy and snuck upstairs 🙂

I’m actually half way through making an Aster blouse in ivory crepe but I got stuck setting in the sleeve and decided to distract myself by whipping up another Sew Over It Silk Cami for layering when I go back to work next month.

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Sew Over It Silk Cami

A couple of nights ago, Baby Boy decided not to go straight back to sleep after his 2 a.m. feed. Apparently it was play time! Long story short, by the time he fell asleep again at 3.30 I was wiiiiiide awake. So what else could I do but get out of bed and get a bit of sewing in?!

I decided to blitz through making a simple top for layering under jackets/cardigans for work and since I’d already purchased the Silk Cami pattern by Sew Over It for exactly this purpose, it was a no-brainer.

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Sew over it: Ultimate Pencil Skirt

Here’s to finishing my first make of 2016! I believe it’s possible to sew up a pencil skirt in a few hours but I’ve been working on this one since Boxing Day! Mainly because, between Toddler Boy and Baby Boy, I don’t have the use of my hands for most of my waking hours – it took a couple of 2a.m. sewing sessions to get this done, but it was well worth it. I’m in love.

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Sewing school: Margot and Sorbetto pyjamas

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m learning to see while on maternity leave. I’m so chuffed to be able to report that I’ve finished my first project! I made a pair of pyjamas, which was the first clothing project in the brilliant book, Love at First Stitch, by Tilly Walden. Tilly’s project only covered the pyjama bottoms (“Margot” pyjamas/lounge trousers) so I made up the pyjama top using a very popular blouse pattern called “Sorbetto”, by Colette patterns.

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