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Reusable cotton pads

The end of one year and the start of the next is always a time for reflection and contemplation. Like many people’s, my main resolution for 2020 is to make changes to my lifestyle in order to be more thoughtful about my (and my family’s) diet, health, and impact on the environment.

I think I first came across the idea of making reusable cotton pads while looking for DIY Christmas gift ideas. Ultimately, I didn’t actually make any Christmas gifts, as we eventually decided to hold a family Secret Santa exchange this year which meant that, apart from my husband’s gift, I only had to get one other adult a gift. My Secret Santa recipient had indicated that they’d love to receive a particular item, so I bought that for them instead.

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Crafty Christmas: a “quiet book” for the boys..

A belated Merry Christmas to you all! I’ve been running around like mad so haven’t had much time to blog over the last few weeks but hope to remedy that going forward.

One of the things I was working on in what felt like every spare minute from mid November to Christmas was a “quiet book” for the boys. Oh, who am I kidding, Toddler Boy will have destroyed it long before Baby Boy is able to play with it, but  in my head at least it was intended for both of them so I’m not obliged to make one for Baby Boy next year 🙂

What is a quiet book, I hear you ask?? 

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