Scatterbrained sewing

Scatterbrained sewing

I feel like I’ve lost a bit of focus over the last fortnight or so, when it comes to my sewing. Not helped by the fact that Toddler Boy infected us all with another vicious flu-like bug from nursery. Hubby has been ill and in bed for the best part of a week, Baby Boy is now hopefully through the worst of the coughing-and-fever stage, and I’m waiting to see whether mine will get any worse than this currently manageable cough I have. It’s been kind of a tiring couple of weeks. But I’m back to work next month so feel like I need to cram in as much sewing time as possible in the next three weeks.

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(Part 2) Stashbusting plans for 2016..

(Part 2) Stashbusting plans for 2016..

In this earlier Stashbusting post, I started to go through some of my favourite items in my fabric stash and what I’m planning to do with them this year. I’m aiming to make a lot more than I buy this year, for my ‘carefully curated wardrobe’ which will hopefully end up being stuffed full of clothes that fit me perfectly in terms of my style and personality as well as the physical fit.

So without further ado, here are more of the fabrics that insisted I buy them!

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10 things my wardrobe told me..

Moving house a couple of months ago brought home to me one simple truth: I have waaay too much stuff. Too many gadgets/glasses/knick knacks in my kitchen, too many books and DVDs in my living room, and definitely way too many clothes in my wardrobe.

So in order to fit into Kings Drive, we have had to aggressively declutter. And over the course of the last few weeks I’ve done a great deal of decluttering from my wardrobe. Having to think about what to do with each item and how I ended up in this predicament meant that by the end of the process, I was definitely getting clear messages from my wardrobe about the cause of its total overflow situation. I’ll share them here in case you’re looking to cut down to a classic capsule wardrobe or at least get to the point where you feel like you do always have something to wear!

10 things my wardrobe told me:

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