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Coronavirus – 2020

I write this at the end of my second week in isolation, in awe at how much the world has already changed for so many in such a short space of time. Here in the UK, and the rest of the world, we have some way to go, and the expected peak of this Covid-19 pandemic is still several weeks away. My heart goes out to all those who have already been affected by Covid-19 in ways so much more significant than simply being asked to stay at home.

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My sewing patterns

Well, hello!
It has been a while since my last blog post – and I feel like every post opens with this sentence (2018 hasn’t featured many blog posts so far!) – but this time I have good reason.
Over the spring/summer I was chipping away at a little project… Inspired by lots of lovely messages I had received over the last year or so in relation to my self-drafted fully lined pencil skirt (and other projects), I decided to start selling my own sewing patterns, which are now available at Pearson and Pope!
I wanted to do it properly, which involved working with professional pattern graders / pattern cutters, and enlisting a fantastic group of pattern testers who gave me lots of helpful feedback on the instructions and any pattern issues. A talented friend of mine helped me with photos and design, and before I knew it, Pearson and Pope was up and running!
This project is very dear to my heart. I have a demanding day job, and children, but have found it so rewarding to put my patterns out there in this way and have been blown away by the response and lovely comments received so far. Now that it’s live though, I can get back to planning some slightly more relaxed sewing, and dusting off this blog, so watch out for more regular posts!
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The Handmade Fair

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Handmade Fair for the first time, having (unbelievably!) won a pair of complimentary tickets from Sew Over It on Instagram.

I had arranged to go with a sewing friend of mine, but when the day arrived, she unfortunately wasn’t feeling well enough to attend. Undeterred, I went by myself – and loved it.

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Paris fabric shopping (in 6 hours)..

What a day!

A few weeks ago, I saw a good deal on Eurostar tickets for a day trip to Paris for two, and booked it on a whim. For myself and Hubby to have a romantic getaway, you ask?! Don’t be silly! This was my opportunity to visit Malhia Kent and explore Parisian fabric stores – and Hubby hates shopping at the best of times, let alone for fabric. I ended up going with mum, who is starting to get back into sewing having not really done it over the last decade or so.

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DO try this at home, folks

 I wanted to try and blitz through a quick project before continuing with my Red Betty dress and starting the next couple of makes I have in mind. So imagine my horror when I got started and found that my machine was acting up – skipped stitches, the bobbin thread not catching the top thread etc. It was a hot mess, and it had never happened to me before!

I rethreaded the top thread. No joy. I took the bobbin out and re-inserted it. Nada. I had put in a brand new microtex fine needle for the lightweight crepe I was using. No difference. I repeated all of these. She still wasn’t stitching right. In desperation nearly an hour later, after a  Google diagnosis and trying a few other things, I thought, “I’m going to have to open her up and clean the insides. Gulp!”…

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Muslins: measure twice, cut once?

The main reason I have taken up sewing is a deep-seated (pardon the pun) desire to have clothes actually fit me. And trousers are at the top of the list! Before I started sewing, I would have said trousers don’t fit me because my hips are proportionally bigger than my waist, so by the time I’ve gone up to a size that I can get past my hips, the waist has huge gaping expanses that don’t exactly scream “elegance”. This is probably the main reason my personal style for work wear has always been shift dresses, with a few skirts sewn in. Well, not anymore…!

I have been working on a muslin for the Clover trouser pattern by Colette Patterns. I liked the look of this pattern because I’ve always been drawn to the idea of a slim fitting, high waisted, cropped trouser. I wanted mine to sit quite long though rather than above the ankle. I was intrigued that the pattern is a beginner pattern, as I’d assumed that trousers would be for the super advanced seamstress, but it really is a simple sew.. The difficulty is in the fitting, and helpfully Colette Patterns had published a sewalong for Clover, which focused on fitting issues and had a lot of great info on troubleshooting your fit.

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