Hollyburn skirt

Hollyburn skirt

I think I’m really starting to see the benefits of trying to stick to patterns and fabrics which are relevant to my lifestyle and represent the way I’d like to dress, if RTW tended to fit me better!

I’ve seen lots of lovely versions of the Hollyburn skirt on the blogosphere, and none that made me wrinkle up my nose the way I do sometimes when I think I like a pattern and then see something about it that puts me off! In fact, every version I saw seemed to be really flattering. I was sold!

Here’s my version:

It has pockets (my first of this type of side slant one), a hand picked zip (my first) and lining:

Pattern review

Pattern: Sewaholic Patterns – Hollyburn skirt.

Fabric: A medium weight wool crepe which turned out to have a really nice amount of body for this project. 

Sizing: I cut a size 6.


I ended up taking about half an inch off the center front seam and a bit more off the back, because the fabric has so much give/stretch in it that it came out feeling that little bit loose at first. 

I also decided to line it, and only realised that the looseness was specific to the main fabric when I cut the same amount off the lining and found it was too small! Remedied by stitching a bit of lining back on, eek!

I also followed Sewaholic’s tutorial on how to do a hand picked zipper:

It turned out well but next time I’ll try and get the fabric to fully cover the teeth. Still preferable to using the machine and zipper feet, I think.

I couldn’t decide whether to add the belt loops from view A, or the tabs from view B. So for now, it’s got neither! I’ll wear it a few times and see what I think goes best with the tops I wear it most with.

Instructions: nice and clear, good pictures, no issues!

Difficulty: easy peasy!

Time taken: I think I did it in a day, with mummy duties, and extra time for the lining. It should be a pretty quick sew.

Would I recommend it?: Absolutely. I say that a lot, but like I said, I’m trying to stick to patterns that are really “me”, so it’s a given that I’d like them as long as I don’t run into difficulties with them!

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