Crepe Colette Aster

Crepe Colette Aster

#memademay2016 made me remember that I had an almost-finished, unblogged, Aster blouse sitting in my sewing pile. So I dragged it out this morning, gave it a press, tidied up the sleeve head seams and sewed on the last few buttons. 

The main reason it was on the pile was that I had stitched a wrinkle in while setting one of sleeves and intended to redo that and the cuffs on both of them, which I didn’t sew neatly enough for my liking. I also, for the life of me, couldn’t seem to get my machine to sew the top buttonhole which was reaaaally annoying since it’s the most visible.

So in order to wear it today, I sewed the top button onto the buttonhole side of the placket, and made a little thread loop on the other side, which is roughly holding it in place. At some point I’ll give the machine buttonhole another go or worst case learn to do a hand bound buttonhole!

But, on to the review..

Pattern: Aster blouse/shirt by Colette Patterns

Fabric: Ivory polyester crepe. It was a bit tough to sew but looks nice so I guess it was worth it! Buttons from my local fabric shop.

Style: a nice collarless blouse with a unique neckline shape and short sleeves. There are other views with short fluted sleeves or long sleeves with a cuff and placket.

Sizing: I think I cut a size down on this one because I wanted less ease.

Alterations: None

Difficulty: not too difficult, at the time this was the first time I’d done a placket, buttonholes, back yoke with pleat, and I remember being pleased with how they turned out first time. 

Instructions: mostly very clear, I got confused with finishing the neckline at the placket but had a look at a sewalong tutorial and got the hang of it.

Would I recommend it?: yep! I have seen lots of nice chambray versions, think I want to try one, and I’m sure it will work well with other fabrics. I’ll try a long sleeved one at some point too.

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