Agnes skirt sew along: Index

The Agnes Skirt sewalong was originally published on the Pearson and Pope website, based on the original version of the pattern instructions which were illustrated with drawings rather than with photos. The 2020 update to the Agnes Skirt pattern includes a rebranded instruction booklet fully illustrated with photos. As such, you may find that the sewalong has a fair amount of overlap with the pattern instruction booklet. However, it may help to see different photos for each step, on these sewalong pages.

You may also find it more helpful to review the short video snippets referred to in the updated instruction booklet. These are all available here.

Part 1: Preparation

This part includes an overview of the Agnes Skirt (so you know what we’re aiming for!), fabric choices and notions, how to choose your pattern size, grading and basic pattern adjustments you might need.

Part 2: Cutting and marking

This part deals with preparing and cutting out your fabric, along with interfacing and transferring the pattern markings.

Part 3: Pockets, darts, side seams and the zip

In this part, we get started on assembling the main skirt, including sewing the pockets (View A), darts, side seams and the invisible zip.

Part 4: The lining and skirt vent

By the end of this part, you’ll have a fully lined skirt vent.

Part 5: The waistband and finishing touches

We’ll round off the sew along by attaching the waistband and adding the final finishing touches.