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Mum. Wife. Corporate day job. Utterly addicted to sewing.. that’s me in a nutshell!

‘Michelle Sews’ is my ode to sewing. The blog features sewing pattern reviews, my favourite DIY projects, pattern hacks, self drafted projects, and tutorials. And of course, my own sewing patterns are in listed in the shop! 

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Sewing a classic business casual wardrobe. Slowly.

Once upon a time, fresh from university, I started working in the City. At first I struggled to find the kind of clothing that I wanted to wear. Then I slowly found a couple of labels that really worked for me – the fit was great, the style was classic, and the quality was well worth the price tag. But then I had my children, and my body changed. My favourite brands no longer fit me well at all – in fact, it wasn’t until I started sewing that I even understood exactly what those fitting issues were.

Now that I sew, I know that the changes to my waistline, the tilt of my pelvis, the curve of my back and my body proportions DON’T have to stop me from having a great working wardrobe. So I’m slowly sewing up my dream workwear wardrobe, one stitch at a time… and I hope that by documenting my projects and my processes, and releasing my sewing patterns, I can somehow help you if you’re looking to do the same!

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  1. Lovely blog!!

    1. Thanks so much Abigail! Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

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