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Winslow Culottes


I realised I hadn’t blogged my Winslow Culottes, despite having made two pairs now and considering both of them absolute staples for holidays/sunshine. So here goes!

I first used the Winslow pattern to make a palazzo jumpsuit for my sister, which she loves and which I was really happy with. That jumpsuit made me want to try out culottes for myself, and I’ve made them now in view B (just above knee-length)…:

… and view C, a midi/calf-length:


In a word, my review of the pattern would boil down to: Love!

I wasn’t sure culottes would flatter me, and I was scared of the amount of volume in these ones in particular, but I think fabric choice is key. Keep it light, drapey and floaty, and you’ll have a gorgeous, comfortable pair of culottes that are just perfect for warmer weather. Helen, the designer, has managed to choose just the right amount of fullness, and the right cut-off points for the various lengths (for me, anyway – although I haven’t tried the super-short view A), to make them really flattering.

As you can probably tell from the pictures, I love mine. They are so breezy and comfortable in hot weather, and received lots of compliments. Go ahead, make them! I intend to make many more 🙂

Until next time!

– Michelle –

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  1. I really fancy making myself some culottes but I’m not sure they’d suit me. Your enthusiasm for them makes me what to just give it a go! Thanks


    • Julie, I felt exactly the same about them before I made them! It was only because my sister wanted the palazzo jumpsuit that I made them up, but once I saw that one I was convinced! I think you should go for it!


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