Clover trousers 

*Happy dance, happy dance* … I made a pair of trousers!

So, a while ago I posted about making up a few muslins for a pair of Colette Clover trousers – I’m British, sorry, I can’t call them pants – and how I got to a fit that I was happy with. I have always struggled to find trousers that fit me well so it’s definitely a sewing goal of mine to plug that wardrobe gap.
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Tilly “Bettine” top

The last few days have been difficult for me, with the loss of a dear loved one. I hadn’t realised until now, just how much sewing does soothe my soul. I’m in my early thirties and up until five months ago I’d never had a real hobby, but I’ve become so addicted to sewing that when I’ve been unable to sleep, or wanted to take my mind off things, over the last few days, sewing was all I wanted to do.

I decided to put some of my more complicated WIPs on hold and do a quick, easy project that I wouldn’t have to be too alert for, since my mind wasn’t 100% on what I was doing. I’d had the Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress pattern for months – I ordered it with my copy of Love At First Stitch when I decided to give this sewing thing a go – but I’d had it in mind to hack (OK, shorten) it into a top. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t completely crazy, so did a quick search, and sure enough I found lovely versions like this one by @frankiesews and this one by A Stitching Odyssey which convinced me I was on the right track.
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An extraterrestrial Vogue V8997

Before I get started on the review, a bit of background to this project, if you’ll indulge me. My sister was invited to a Nigerian first birthday party, for which the parents had selected this particular African wax print fabric as the one they would get for their nearest and dearest, to make something to wear to the party. This is customary for big celebrations like weddings, birthdays etc, so all the friends and family are wearing outfits from the celebration cloth. My sister’s boyfriend is Nigerian so over the last few years she has been to quite a few of these events where she’s had to make something up to wear. In my newfound enthusiasm for sewing, I said a couple of months ago that I’d make her next one.. which turned out to be this one! Continue reading “An extraterrestrial Vogue V8997”