The Anderson Blouse


In thinking about the things I wanted to fill this whole ‘carefully curated wardrobe’ with, one wardrobe gap I identified was a set of classic, elegant blouses to wear with my separates. I want to move away from living in sheath dresses and build in a bit more versatility with some staple-but-lovely separate pieces. It’s a cliche, I’m sure, but I want Olivia Pope’s wardrobe on a real person’s salary 🙂

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DO try this at home, folks

 I wanted to try and blitz through a quick project before continuing with my Red Betty dress and starting the next couple of makes I have in mind. So imagine my horror when I got started and found that my machine was acting up – skipped stitches, the bobbin thread not catching the top thread etc. It was a hot mess, and it had never happened to me before!
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Work in progress: Red Betty!

I should start this post by saying that I’ve never owned a red ‘work’ dress before. I consider my office style to be pretty conservative, so my wardrobe is full of black and grey clothing with the odd bit of mustard yellow or lighter blues and greys for when I’m feeling particularly colourful!

However, I was in the fabric shop the other day when I came across this burgundy suiting fabric and for some reason I decided to take it home (after paying, of course) and make a work dress from it. I had seen Sew Over It’s new add-on pack for the Betty dress which included a v-neck bodice that looked rather cute, so I figured I’d try and put that bodice onto a high-waisted pencil skirt pattern and see what happened!
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A Colette Laurel Top .. Which taught me a thing or two.

If you read my post on my stashbusting plans for this year then you might remember this little beauty:

.. which I wanted to use for either a basic cami or a boxy top for layering for work. Well, I decided to make the Colette Patterns Laurel top out of it and I’m really glad I did!
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