Scriptures for my children (Part Two)

You may have seen my earlier post on this topic, in which I was talking about wanting to make a “scripture feature” for the nursery/boys’ room. (Aside: can you still call it a nursery beyond the baby years? Toddler Boy is 2.5 going on 13 so doesn’t feel so much like a baby these days..)

Well, I finally did it! So I thought I’d share the result 🙂

I’m pleased with how it turned out, but I’ll swap out the picture of the two of them at some point when we get some nice family photos taken. It’s so hard to get them both in the same picture without one of them crying/scowling/sleeping etc. Let alone to get a nice one of the four of us because these days I live in “house” clothes, no make up and bed hair. 

How I did it: I chose the scriptures from my shortlist on the previous post, googled and downloaded some free calligraphy/’handwritten’ fonts and then played around in a photo app on my Mac (iDraw, if you’re interested) till I had a layout I liked for each of them. I ended up buying a font bundle for $29 (yep, dollars, so even less in pounds) which came with loads of fonts and some extras including all the pictures around the text (the arrows, bicycle, whale etc) – I figured I’m bound to use fancy fonts for something else so it was worth it.

I printed out each one on my home printer, just on normal paper, and trimmed to fit the individual frames on this handy collage-type frame from IKEA (which cost less than a tenner!).

And that’s it! If you’re thinking about doing one, go for it! They make great gifts too; I did one for my cousin’s newborn son and she was really touched. 

Some close ups:


Penny for your thoughts: what do you think? Are you thinking about doing something similar for your home? (I think this could be done for any room in the house, with your favourite scriptures!). 


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