How many hours does it take to eat a grapefruit?


I must admit, I started off today feeling rather smug. After Baby Boy’s 8 a.m. feed, we were both rather awake and had some nice play time for a while. He’s two months old so by play time I really mean me making faces at him for an hour to get him to finally break his straight-faced stare and give me a big gummy smile, like this:


They’re totally worth the effort. Thank goodness nobody sees me simpering like an idiot when I get one.

At 10-ish, I sent my sister a smug whatsapp photo of me still in bed, PJs on, holding a smiling Baby Boy. The caption was “#matleavemondays”. Yes, I was very much enjoying this maternity leave Monday.

About half an hour later, I put a sleeping Baby Boy down in his crib and went downstairs in search of food. Just as I sliced into a perfectly chilled, juicy grapefruit, my baby monitor rang out with the ‘sweet’ sounds of a very much awake baby demanding some company. And that’s basically how the rest of the day has been.

It took me four hours to eat my grapefruit. I kid you not. It’s actually very difficult to eat a grapefruit with one hand, even with my special grapefruit spoon (what can I say, I love grapefruit). And this child just flat out refused to be put down! It’s been a battle of wills, and I have been utterly defeated. In the end I resorted to putting him in his crib knowing full well it wouldn’t be for long, and racing around looking for quick and easy snacks in the few minutes I’d get each time.

So far today I’ve had some Pringles, a yoghurt, a fruit snack pot, a fun-sized box of raisins and said grapefruit. I’m starving. I was about to order a pizza when my unsuspecting aunt arrived, so now, bless her, she’s cooking up some proper food in the kitchen. Thank God!

Meanwhile Baby Boy is always either sleeping in my arms, having his nappy changed, shouting at me, or drinking away with a somewhat disgruntled look on his face.


It almost makes me yearn for a regular Monday at the office. Almost..

x Michelle

Penny for your thoughts: Any parents/carers out there who can relate? How do  you deal with the colicky/grouchy days/nights your baby has? How do you make sure you look after your own nutritional needs as well? What are your go-to snacks while your hands are full with the little one? And how many hours does it take you to eat a grapefruit? 🙂


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