Our kitchen makeover – reveal!

It’s been a manic couple of months on Kings Drive. We completed on the house nearly two months ago, and did some minor works and major redecoration over what turned out to be six weeks rather than the intended three weeks.. And it’s all coming together according to my specifications so I’m pleased with the results! We moved in last week and unpacking is going at a slow but steady pace somewhat hindered by Toddler Boy (2 years old) and Baby Boy (2 months old).

The first room that is pretty much ready is the kitchen, so I thought I’d share our kitchen makeover with you!

First, the ‘before’ pics:

As you can see, it wasn’t bad! But it wasn’t really my style. I’m not a fan of pale woods, and I was concerned about the safety of the old-fashioned white gas cooker with trouble-making Toddler Boy so I had my heart set on a built in oven in a tall unit. And if we were going to have to change the oven and get a new fridge, washing machine and dishwasher, we figured we might as well re-do the kitchen! It’s a small little space so not a huge undertaking.. It wasn’t long before we’d found our crack team of builders, electricians and decorators, and got to work on ripping out the kitchen:

The only thing left was the boiler which had been retrofitted by the previous owners a couple of years ago so we decided to leave it and work around it by boxing it in.

After a week or so of kitchen design appointments we decided on our units and aplicances and had our guys fit the kitchen – the wait for the kitchen company’s fitters was going to be over two months and we wanted to get all the work done as soon as possible before we moved in with the boys.

(There’s an ugly but protective green film over the units at this point.)

Another couple of days looking for tiles and I settled on a basic duck egg blue subway tile. I had wanted Moroccan-style tiles but I couldn’t find any that I liked that weren’t large floor tiles or stupidly expensive. But I loved the colour of these as soon as I saw them:

So home they came with me! The shop didn’t have enough for our wall so I got some white tiles to use on the bottom row and hoped it wouldn’t look too bad. On the first day of tiling, before the grouting, I was seriously concerned that it was going to look too dark:

But as you’ll see in the reveal, once the green film came off the units and the grouting was done, it made for a really nice contrast. In this picture you can also see the sliding panels we had put in above the wall units to squeeze out a bit of extra storage, and the boiler and pipe work having been boxed in. The box just pulls out when we need to access the bottom of the boiler, and the cupboard around the boiler itself was made to fit by the kitchen company.

I came across a lovely Ikat blind from John Lewis (Nazca daylight blind in Blue) which made up for the lack of Moroccan tiles and provided a nice patterned ‘pop’. I also liked these Rimforsa containers from IKEA so got a couple of sets and their hanging rail.

We changed the flooring to get a nice ashy grey look, and I really love how that plays against the ash walnut worktop and the duck egg blues in the kitchen.

All of which brings me to the big reveal!:

(Yes I’m going to move my flowers so as not to obstruct the blinds!). 

In the other corner we went for fewer, but taller, units.

I think the Rimforsa containers are lovely, but found them too narrow for biscuits. I’ll put my nut/dried fruit mix in the fourth one when I get a minute). 

(Baby Boy’s front row seat to my at-home cooking shows.. “And now I’m going to butter your brother’s toast and stir his hot chocolate..” – poor boy.)

It’s by no means finished, or even tidy, as we’re still settling in and finding the right places for everything, but it’s much more ‘me’ than the previous picture and I love being in there already. I’ve even been inspired to cook some new dishes already!

x Michelle

Penny for your thoughts: What do you think? Have you done a kitchen makeover? I’d love to see pictures! (I have spent waaay too much time browsing home makeovers on Houzz/Pinterest over the past few months and now I’m addicted!)


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