The rise of the maternity leave project

I finally caught up with my best friend in person last weekend after her return from secondment to a firm in the US for most of this year.

We were rustling up dinner to stuff our faces with, and marvelling at the fact that I now have not one but two children (eek! Somehow I’ve become a wife and mother of two in the decade since we met at university!) when she asked “so what’s the maternity project?”. I looked blankly at her until she continued.. “Everyone I know who’s been on maternity leave has come up with some project to do while they’re on it! Why is that?!”

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How many hours does it take to eat a grapefruit?


I must admit, I started off today feeling rather smug. After Baby Boy’s 8 a.m. feed, we were both rather awake and had some nice play time for a while. He’s two months old so by play time I really mean me making faces at him for an hour to get him to finally break his straight-faced stare and give me a big gummy smile, like this:

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Sunday breakfasts: Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

I love weekend mornings, when Hubby and I get to spend time together along with the boys. I’m trying to get back into the habit of doing a nice cooked breakfast once a week, and today as part of the recovery from our Month of McDonalds (more on that in a separate blog post!) I decided to do an oldie but a goodie..

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs



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Our kitchen makeover – reveal!

It’s been a manic couple of months on Kings Drive. We completed on the house nearly two months ago, and did some minor works and major redecoration over what turned out to be six weeks rather than the intended three weeks.. And it’s all coming together according to my specifications so I’m pleased with the results! We moved in last week and unpacking is going at a slow but steady pace somewhat hindered by Toddler Boy (2 years old) and Baby Boy (2 months old).

The first room that is pretty much ready is the kitchen, so I thought I’d share our kitchen makeover with you!

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