Man Flu strikes the household!

It began last week when Toddler Boy started sniffling suspiciously. We should have known then that a full blown plague was coming.. Whether it’s a nursery bug or one of those “the weather’s turned” colds, our little Patient Zero has managed to infect the whole house. Yes, even four week old Baby Boy. Wonderful.

For the first couple of days we were foolishly optimistic that we might all be able to resist. But Hubby, usually the one person in the household who smugly never falls ill, soon succumbed. Probably because Toddler Boy has been coughing in his face all night (mwahaha!). Bedtime used to involve just Toddler Boy and me, but since the arrival of Baby Boy, Hubby has had to do Toddler Boy’s bedtimes to ensure that Baby Boy is safe from Toddler Boy’s flailing limbs as he alternates between trying to escape the bed and trying to turn it into some sort of circus playground. But that’s a whole other post. The main point was that Hubby now gets kicked, elbowed, coughed on and head butted all night by Toddler Boy, thus sparing Baby Boy and I. And therefore it didn’t take him long to catch the bug. Despite having the same symptoms as the rest of us, Hubby has declared that what he has is Man Flu, not just a cold, and is therefore more serious. Whatever!

We tried to quarantine Baby Boy and myself from Toddler Boy and Hubby, but it didn’t really work. Toddler Boy turned two not so long ago, and hasn’t yet grasped the concept of blowing one’s nose or covering one’s mouth. So between the runny nose that he tends to wipe with his hand before we can reach it with a tissue and the coughs and sneezes that he unfailingly manages to direct into someone’s food or face, we had no chance..

Which is why I’ve spent the last 48 hours trying to manage Baby Boy’s symptoms enough to help him breathe and sleep relatively comfortably. (I think I’ll do a separate post on how to get by  without actual medication for colds!)
It’s a really horrible thing, to watch your child suffering, especially one who’s only a few weeks old. A blocked nose seems like such a minor ailment, except when the victim is too young to have mastered breathing through the mouth and therefore is stuck struggling to breathe at all. At one point, in the wee small hours, I was ranting (in my head, since everyone else was asleep) about how ridiculous it is in this day and age that there’s no medication that babies or breastfeeding mums can take for coughs and colds given that they can actually be quite severe, when I was struck with a sense of perspective. In recent weeks we’ve seen news reports of the Syrian refugee crisis where women have given birth in train stations and carted their newborn babies off to continue their dangerous treks to reach safety, and parents have watched their children drown or nearly drown while making risky crossings in inadequate dinghies.. I can’t imagine what these parents have been through. Or parents whose children have serious or terminal illnesses. Or the countless parents watching their children slowly starving, unable to do anything for them. I started to feel pretty petty. It’s still difficult to see Baby Boy struggling to breathe through his blocked nose but at least I know this cold will pass soon and I can always get him medical help if need be.
Toddler Boy and Hubby seem to be doing much better today so I’m hoping Baby Boy and I will also be on the mend soon. If only so I can go back to sleeping horizontally. Wish us luck!
Penny for your thoughts.. 

Anyone else out there going through the coughs and colds that seem to come with the changing of the seasons? I hope you have a speedy recovery if so!

x Michelle


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