6 things my kids have in common with my smartphone

You’ve probably experienced that sinking, panicky feeling when you realise that you’ve done the unthinkable and left your phone at home. Usually when this happens to me, it’s too late to go back and get it – like just as the train to work pulls away from the platform with me on it. If, like me, you’re somewhat addicted to your phone, it means spending the rest of the day driving yourself crazy wondering what you’re missing and what’s going on on that little screen back at home. Usually I get back and find that absolutely nothing has happened – no missed calls, no voicemails, and nothing but spam in my inbox. But it occurred to me the other day that it’s this same feeling, just super amplified, that I get when I leave my kids at home (albeit with a responsible adult .. Or Hubby.) I constantly wonder what amazing development I’m missing (“Toddler Boy learned how to solve Fermat’s Theorem while you were out!”, maybe) or what fun they’re having without me. Only to get home and find everyone pretty much as I left them.

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Scriptures for my children

I’m planning to create a gallery wall, or feature, of printed scripture quotes in the boys’ nursery. I know they’re some way off from being able to read it themselves but I like the idea of having some passages always around them in their room that are either helping to “teach them the way that they should go” (Proverbs 22:6) or showing them some of God’s promises for them.

There are so many to choose from but so far my shortlist is as follows.. When I get the chance to make a nice display out of them I’ll be sure to post a picture!

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